Day 665: The 22nd of May

Alright, well my coursework is submitted and I have done a bit of work towards my revision resource.

Need to still add a couple more sections to my revision resource before I can start revising in earnest though. I can get that done tomorrow and then we can finally buckle down and start revising all of Tort. I expect I can get most of it down if I put my mind to it.

We’re coming into the 3 days I have to revise for Tort now. That means I need to get a lot of revision done in the next 3 days, in other words. A lot. Currently my revision resource is made up of 30 pages in Word and I still have 2 more topics to add to it tomorrow. I imagine it will be hovering more around 45 pages when it is finally done.

That being the case, I would need to get 15 pages down in each of the next 3 days in order to have all the course covered. On top of that, I want to use 1 day to read up on some articles and stuff around the possible essay questions, since they appear to always bring up the same main topics.

So, if I get the revision resource finished tomorrow and 20 pages of it memorised, I will be in a good place going into the last 2 days of revision. That is a pretty tall order, but if I focus on the task at hand, I reckon I can get that done. We shall see how it goes.

Anyway, this is the last week of work for me for a while, so expect me to be far closer to my happy normal self once this week is over. Unless the exam goes bad, in which case I will probably be miserable. We can hope that such a terrible fate does not befall me.

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.


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