Day 673: The 30th of May

Wow. Spent nearly the whole day playing the Witcher 3. Love this game so much.

I only stopped to play for a little bit whilst my shaver charged, but I ended up playing from about midday until 1 AM. Got a lot of the main questline done, to the point where I am on the brink of finishing the main game. Of course, Persona 5 might well arrive tomorrow, which will be glorious. Can’t wait to play it.

One of the main reasons I want to play Persona 5 is to finally be free from the treacherous spoiler-filled waters of the internet. I am unfortunately one of those people who really enjoys being able to experience things firsthand, particularly in my favourite pastime of gaming. It is especially important for story-driven games like this one. It is all about the journey.

So, given that, I shall be heading to bed now, with hope in my heart that the game will turn up tomorrow. I should have been smart, like Jake, and bought it online. Then I could have simply downloaded it. But I am a sucker for having physical copies. Just better, in my opinion. Besides, it costs the same either way. And I got to play more Witcher 3 in the meantime.

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.


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