Day 678: The 4th of June

Well. Just hit 60 hours played of Persona 5. I may have a problem.

No stopping now though! The hype train is on a roll! I ended up playing until 2 AM tonight, but I am finally wrapping up for the evening. Hard to find a good stopping point, since I have managed to get one major plot event out of the way each day of playing.

I think I probably do a fairly weird thing with my single player games, to be honest. I did the same with Breath of the Wild; I just play them every day without fail from start to finish, as much as I possibly can. It is the best way I find to just get fully immersed and enjoy the full depth of a game. I think other people might find that a bit weird though.

Anyway, it is pretty late. I should hit the hay. Have a good one, ladies.

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.


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