Day 683: The 9th of June

Woke up to interesting news in the political realm, eh?

I shan’t get into a political discussion here, since I don’t really see the point. I’m not going to try to change anyone’s political ideologies, at least not in something I made to entertain myself. Still, the current climate is certainly an intriguing one.

Next topic to briefly mention is that I played a substantial section of Persona 5 today, finishing off a goddamn ridiculous boss fight that took me many, many tries. Honestly, I am not even playing on the hardest possible difficulty and I won by the skin of my teeth. The only possible way I could win on a higher difficulty is with a substantial amount of grinding. Maybe when I get around to playing on the highest level I will spend far more time doing that.

Anyway, that was today. Let me give a basic update of yesterday, before I head off. So, in the evening most of the guys went out for drinks at Wetherspoon’s, an event I joined in on happily, despite feeling sad that I couldn’t play even more games at home instead. All in all, it was a fairly cordial time, despite political discussions being on everyone’s minds. I even basically buried the hatchet with some long-time adversaries (not really sure how best to describe them). There were some other minor issues in the course of the evening, but most of us managed to just chill and have fun together. It’s nice to see people who I have fought with in the past treating me with respect and it is equally nice to be able to reciprocate.

So, yes. Despite minor drama, it was a nice evening. Didn’t manage to get to sleep until the early hours of the morning though, due to being locked into a 2 hour section of the Persona 5 plot when I got home. I hope I can sleep before the birds start singing tonight.

Have a good’un everyone.

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.


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