Day 690: The 16th of June

Finally starting to recover after another day of feeling shitty.

Honestly, I took a bunch of medicine and whatnot, but it seems like most of it was for naught, still left me feeling pretty bad. Feel better now, after it has mostly worn off. Now, at least, I feel like myself. No runny nose, no headache, no watering eyes. Pretty much the first time in a week.

It shan’t last, I’m sure. I shall be taking more medicine come the morning. Still, tomorrow shall be a busy day. Going up to London for my brother’s stag do, in theory. That means I need to wake up at a reasonable time. Recently been exhausted and have just kept sleeping until noon. No idea why, since I haven’t even been going to bed that much later than normal. Still I shall set multiple alarms, as per usual.

And, to make my life easier, I shall now head to bed. Have a fine weekend everyone.

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.


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