Day 691: The 17th of June

What a busy, busy day.

Went off to London for my brother’s stag do, in the blazing sunshine. Was ridiculously warm all day and I shall definitely need to have a nice bath or something tomorrow to clean myself up. As for right now, I am pretty tired.

Went to an escape room with the whole group, which was great fun. Solved the room in around 53 minutes out of the total hour of time given, which was not too terrible, I guess. I’m sure it could be done significantly faster if you had more experience with these things, but at the same time I am glad we used the time to the fullest.

After that we ate and headed back to East Grinstead for drinks. Ben and I departed after the first couple of pubs and came back home, since Ben was tired and I would rather let my brother have a good time with his old friends again, without needing to worry about me. Watched Only Connect and then we each retired for the evening, to relax in the cool and dark.

Tomorrow, I don’t expect to do much. I am aware that it is apparently Father’s Day, however I’m afraid my father may have to wait a while for his present. My mind has been so out of it recently that I barely remembered any of this important stuff. No doubt a mixture of the medicine, hayfever and possibly a cold. Just doesn’t make for the most responsive of mental states.

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.


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