Day 696: The 22nd of June

Righto, it is the night before we depart.

Shall be doing some last-minute packing momentarily, before I turn in for the night. I don’t suppose I shall have much to pack, really. My clothes are already dealt with, the only things I believe I need to worry about are things to entertain me. Maybe some books, a game or two. Debating bringing my laptop down as well. Could make, at the very least, these blog posts a tad easier to write.

Always get nervous about forgetting something when we go on these trips across the country. Jittery, especially in the hours of preparation beforehand. This time especially so, given the great many important matters that shall be resolved prior to my return home.

Anyway, no use typing my worries in that regard up on this forum. Rather, I should begin my packing. Then, I guess I’ll lie down and rest. Or listen to YouTube until it comes time to get up. After all, it shall be a relatively long car journey and it might be better to be tired enough to sleep through most of it. Regardless, I shall be off.

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.

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