Day 698: The 24th of June

Aching all over.

Went to my brother’s wedding today. Went pretty well, in all honesty, had a long conversation with a really cool guy and such. Still not feeling  on top form though.

I fear my enthusiasm in playing with Corwin has come back to bite me in the form of terrible pain and stiffness in my back. Which is joyous. My feet also ache from my smart shoes, though I felt glad to be able to show off my beautiful suit.

I guess I should say some stuff about the wedding. There were a great many unknown people there, presumably from the bride’s friendship circles, who did not mix with me or my family at all, really. Felt a bit weird, since by the time my sister got married I knew practically all of Ben’s friends as well as Emma’s.

Still, didn’t matter to me. Was not in good enough form to make a good showing of socialising, so probably better that I stuck with the familiar. Was a fairly relaxed shindig, in truth.

Shall be off to sleep now, most likely. Hope my back is less stiff in the morning.

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.


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