Day 713: The 9th of July

I finally feel alive again.

So, after finally finding the corpse of the mouse that the cat brought in, which I believe to have been causing a bad smell in my room for the past few days, my room finally feels nice and pure again. On top of that, I am shaven and washed and practically back to my normal self. So happy to have a nice smooth face again.

I have been in my usual slump that happens when I start getting free time again. Sat around trying to think of something to do for hours today. I am hoping that I will be back to doing stuff tomorrow though. Also, I hope that I wake up a little bit earlier.

Too much excitement for me over these past few weeks. Nothing like some gentle, peaceful nothingness to just refresh your brain from having to think. I am sitting here in the dark, contemplating what to write whilst some calming tunes wash over me in the background. In particular, I redownloaded the Animal Crossing addon for Chrome, which plays the hourly songs. Just some nice background music to have. Also helps you keep time.

Anyway, I’ve ran out of interesting stuff to say right now. Coming up to my 2 year anniversary of this blog. Hmm.

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.


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