Day 730: The 26th of July

Well, well, well. It has been two whole years since I started this blog! Who would’ve believed that I would still be writing it (mostly) regularly.

Certainly not I. It has certainly been an interesting two years, too. My life has changed pretty significantly in that time, though by degrees that are barely perceptible when I think back on it. This time next year I will be finished with uni and fast approaching the rest of my life in the working world, no less. Still, now is not a time to think of the future, however uncertain it is. It is time to celebrate how far we have come.

Looking back, there was a distinct point of this blog where at least a couple of people read it. It is probably for the best that those people have moved on now, given the unchanging nature of my content. Besides, if I wanted an audience I would be working towards a pastime that I have considered for some time: doing reviews and that sort of thing. That is content that I would find interesting to read, not this drivel.

A lack of audience does change your perspective though. I guess at some point, the writing on this blog became more and more of a reminder of the monotony of my life. Not that that is a bad thing, given that it is true to this day. I just like my comfort zone.

When I do step out of my comfort zone though, I rarely have the energy when I get back to actually write up a blog post nowadays. Maybe that shows that this medium has run its course. Once you start recycling the same old material and have run out of new talking points, it is better to quit while you are ahead than to churn out mediocre content.

At the same time, I would feel bad about breaking this streak. At this point that is what motivates me most to keep writing this. Maybe what I need is a break, to rejuvenate my mind and rethink what sort of content I want to make. I might make a new blog site to explore some other form of writing. At least this has kept my typing skills up to date.

It is something I will have to think about. Until then though, I will keep doing my usual routine. Even if this blog has reverted back to its original purpose. Now it is purely my own personal diary. Haha.

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.

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