Day 828: The 1st of November

Well. I needed that break. It has been a little while, everyone!

What a day today was! I am now 21, at long last, though it really doesn’t feel like it. How weird. Still, I had a fun day of looking after my nephew and entertaining a friend who came over for the day. The evening was still more fun.

We went out for an Indian meal to celebrate, which ended up having live entertainment from a very entertaining man who played a number of amusing songs, with breaks in between where a live belly dancer danced for us all. It is a very rare experience, being able to enjoy delicious food and watch an attractive woman dance for you, so I was all in for that.

Ben, my mother and I were all asked to dance at various times in the evening, each of us trying our best. Though, of course, Ben was the most impressive dancer. You can’t really top that performance. As for me, I just tried my best to do something vaguely like dancing.

I got some great presents for my birthday, including copious supplies of sweets, the new Mario game for the Switch and Assassin’s Creed, amongst others. My only wish is that I had more free time to indulge in them. But it is not to be.

On the plus side, my medication is definitely making me more confident in myself. I would never have been able to do some of the things I’ve done recently without it helping me along.

So yeah, I guess I am back. I’ll try to actually keep up this blog for at least a little while longer. Despite how liberating it was to be able to just collapse into sleep and not worry about it. Ha.

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.


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