Day 832: The 5th of November

As usual, I am not the best at starting essays.

I’ll have to finish it off tomorrow, no doubt. Not that it will be much trouble if I can just sit down and get it done. That is always the real problem with this sort of thing.

I wasn’t really feeling it today, in all fairness. Just enjoy having my weekends, I guess. I did get a significant amount of planning done, but that is about as far as I really got. Well, saying that, I did write about a third of the word count needed for the essay, but I still have yet to get to the real meat of the question. That is what is going to take up the majority of the rest of the words.

As for eating today, I finished off the lasagne, had some pork buns that my brother made and brought over and snacked throughout the day. I’ll probably be pretty hungry by the time I wake up tomorrow. Yet I couldn’t really be bothered to cook myself a meal after all that. I’ll make myself a decent breakfast instead, I think. It’s the least I can do to start my day off right.

I’m happy that Mondays are pretty short for me this semester. It means I can relax for the morning and still be home in time to get some serious work done, if I am so inclined. My late finishes are just not as good for that, although at least with Tuesday night I don’t have to get up early the following day.

Now I am stalling and I should really head to bed. I’ve still got to get up tomorrow, after all.

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.


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