Day 852: The 25th of November

Just a month before Christmas now. Doesn’t feel like we are already that late in the year.

Yes, the year is practically over now, with only 2 major weeks of university left for me, other than a couple of revision lectures I might come to afterwards. Soon I will be embracing the festive spirit, buying up some Christmas presents and trying desperately to think of what to get for others. I still have work to be getting on with though, so not much time to be getting on with that.

The festive season is by far my favourite time of year, despite its flaws. The main one being the bitter cold, usually. Still, I think this year I will be able to handle the cold better than in the past, in no small part thanks to my medication. The smells and sounds of winter are some of the best, with roaring fires, chirpy tunes and good old hearty food. I often reference my love for Autumn, but honestly that mainly comes from my birthday. Most of the rest of Autumn is spent working. Kind of takes the joy out of it.

I am very much looking forward to the upcoming holidays and all of the time I can spend doing nothing but having fun. It should be a great time, especially with Corwin finally being able to truly experience it all, without barely understanding what is going on, like he was last year. I can’t really believe that he was around for it all last year, to be honest.

So yeah, that’s what I am thinking about this evening. It’s nice to think about.

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.


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