Day 882: The 25th of December

Merry Christmas everyone.

God I am tired. Woke up really early from a really nice dream and spent the whole day opening presents, entertaining Corwin and just generally being far too sociable for my liking. Still, that is what Christmas is all about. I’d be pretty happy to have a nice long sleep tonight though, followed by a hot bath in the morning. That would really just finish off this Christmas time nicely.

We shall see how that goes, though.  Before all that I guess I should go to sleep tonight. My brain is flitting with all sorts of ideas right now, so sleep might be tricky, but then again I am considerably sleep-deprived, so that might counterbalance things.

By God though, I am crushing hard. It is a right pain when you keep getting pangs of sadness when someone doesn’t respond to your messages. Still, I am working that out in my head now. Trying to keep the side of my mind that tells me that I will never find love mostly quiet, though of course some healthy cynicism has been my defence mechanism against even taking a chance for as long as I can remember.

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.


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