Day 884: The 27th of December

Today I took off as a lazy day, after finally getting rid of everyone from the Christmas period.

I was going to work, but after waking up at 1 PM, I decided that there wasn’t going to be much chance of me doing any tangible work in the rest of the day and I was better off just chilling out a little bit. I will set an alarm and get up tomorrow and start making some headway.

Honestly though, I stayed up way too late last night. I was waxing lyrical and feeling sorry for myself again, so I wrote some terrible poems while I lay in bed. It was rather nice, even if it was unproductive. I shall hope to actually get to sleep when I get into bed tonight. It is a bit hot in my room though.

I always feel a bit bad about my work ethic compared to others on my university course. Those people who spend all of their holidays working on their coursework and such. Still, I guess I decided that a minor hit in my grades was worth the increased overall happiness and mental health that I gain from having at least a bit of time off. Plus, I still have until the 8th of January to get my coursework done, and until the 17th of January before my first exam. If I can’t do good work in that time period, maybe I shouldn’t be at this level of education.

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.


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