Day 890: The 2nd of January

I actually got a reasonable amount of reading and planning done today. Eventually.

I am hoping to be able to write up some arguments tomorrow, maybe get one essay basically done. The good thing about this module is that there is a pretty limited number of things to reference, so the part that takes the longest is significantly shorter than normal. Means I can focus on the actual meat of the writing, hopefully.

I don’t expect to get an amazing mark on this module, in all fairness. I am going to try my hardest to argue well and make a good essay, but I am a little bit nervous in how to execute this. Hopefully I can use all of the tips I have been given over the last semester to push myself forward into a good place. If not, I hope I can at least pass relatively competently.

Still, after I finish this first essay I will have another one to read and plan for, which will give me 4 days to sort it, if I finish this first half tomorrow. If not, I will have probably 3 days, which may or may not be cutting it a little fine. I should still be able to get my reading and stuff done though, I am not that nervous. At the least, I will have something to submit by the date of the deadline.

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.


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