Day 897: The 9th of January

I slept for a long time.

Some would even say too long. I was just really tired for some reason. And bed was so comfy.

So, I managed to write up all my lecture notes today. Tomorrow I shall be going through each area of the Company Law module and reading up on some of the relevant articles, putting anything I think is interesting or useful into the sections of my revision plan. Hopefully that will accomplish two things, help me revise the important points of the module and get some critical analysis. If I can get through most of the module tomorrow, with many articles read and noted down, then I will be feeling pretty good.

That does probably mean that I should get up earlier though. And probably turn off my phone and other forms of communication so that I can focus down and get it done. It’s not the easiest thing to do, but it is necessary if I want to do well on this exam. Which I do.

I think it was important that my lecturer told me that basically every article you read is useful. At the very least, it focuses your understanding of the topic, even if you don’t get any new cases or anything. And nearly every article can give you some line of critical analysis to go down, otherwise why would they write it? So, though it might take a while, I think it will probably be a good use of my time. I shall probably be doing something similar with my other modules when I start revising them.

So that is my resolve. Admittedly, sometimes I break down and do not achieve what I should, but I am going to change that. A little bit at a time, I am going to work to move forward in my studying.

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.


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