Day 899: The 11th of January

Well, a mixture of laziness and my brain just not wanting to have anything to do with me today, I didn’t get as much done as I wanted.

What I did get done was worry and not actually help myself get closer to passing this exam. That is something I shall have to change.

It all started when I woke up late. My morale gets pretty low when I wake up and it is already midday and it is doubly bad when I still feel tired. All it does it make me dread getting up and actually getting work done.

Couple that with Jake asking me if I wanted to take the day off and game instead of revise and you have a very tempting recipe for disaster.

Essentially, I get so weighed down in the massive amount I have to take in that I end up not starting, even though working at it a little bit at a time would get it done. I feel this is a common problem, not one personal to me, but it is still a curse that we have to deal with to get work done.

So here is my step by step plan for tomorrow. Wake up, start revising shareholder protection. Do some reading of cases and articles around shareholder protection until I actually understand it all. Then, go back and do a bit of article reading on director’s duties, if need be. After that I will probably print off the revision guide, unless the article that my lecturer wanted us to read turns out to be highly useful, in which case I will probably write some notes into my guide.

After I print out the revision notes it comes down to the most important part. Getting it into my brain. I can do that so much easier from a paper guide than from a screen. But that will probably take at least a day of slowly working through it. The final guide will probably be 30 pages or so, but that shouldn’t be so bad. I practically have the first 10 memorised so far. Just need to polish it up.

So yeah, I am probably fucked. Need to start prepping my notes for family law too, since that exam is two days after company. Then the four days after that will be used to prep for employment. Terrifying.

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.


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