Day 898: The 10th of January

Actually worked hard for a while today.

Admittedly, I did wind down in pace in the afternoon, but I had a solid 3 – 4 hours of revision in the morning. If I can keep up this pace and keep up the level of work, I am feeling confident in my abilities for the exam.

Just have to keep getting up at a reasonable hour. Got to get that early boost.

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.


Day 897: The 9th of January

I slept for a long time.

Some would even say too long. I was just really tired for some reason. And bed was so comfy.

So, I managed to write up all my lecture notes today. Tomorrow I shall be going through each area of the Company Law module and reading up on some of the relevant articles, putting anything I think is interesting or useful into the sections of my revision plan. Hopefully that will accomplish two things, help me revise the important points of the module and get some critical analysis. If I can get through most of the module tomorrow, with many articles read and noted down, then I will be feeling pretty good.

That does probably mean that I should get up earlier though. And probably turn off my phone and other forms of communication so that I can focus down and get it done. It’s not the easiest thing to do, but it is necessary if I want to do well on this exam. Which I do.

I think it was important that my lecturer told me that basically every article you read is useful. At the very least, it focuses your understanding of the topic, even if you don’t get any new cases or anything. And nearly every article can give you some line of critical analysis to go down, otherwise why would they write it? So, though it might take a while, I think it will probably be a good use of my time. I shall probably be doing something similar with my other modules when I start revising them.

So that is my resolve. Admittedly, sometimes I break down and do not achieve what I should, but I am going to change that. A little bit at a time, I am going to work to move forward in my studying.

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.

Day 896: The 8th of January

I decide to use today as a bit of a rest day. Get my bearings prepare for the slog ahead.

And in that regard, today was nice. Just did whatever I felt like at the time. It was nice to just not think about anything. Still, I feel prepared for the beginning of the revision period. Shouldn’t be too tough if I put my mind to it.

Of course, most of the effort will be spent gathering up my notes and preparing my revision resource. That is what is the painful part of the process, so I hope I can get that done in a day. Would leave me with lots of time to actually understand this stuff again.

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.

Day 895: The 7th of January

I wrote and submitted my coursework today.

Honestly, I am glad it is done, even if I am not confident in the quality. I imagine that it will at least give me a pass though, hopefully. Just have to hope that my other modules pick up the slack, I guess! The thing is, some of the arguments I made sounded interesting to me, but that is never a surefire sign that it will be what the marker wanted. Best to have low expectations of this sort of thing.

So, despite it taking all day, at least it is done. Now I can focus down onto revision for my three exams. And I am fairly confident about them, despite my current lack of knowledge. I still have a fair old while before them. If I work every free day from tomorrow, I will have at least 4 full days to revise for each exam. Which means a day to build up my revision plan, a couple of days to revise from that plan and a day to spend reading articles to build up my critical understanding. That would be the solid plan anyway. Any extra time I can grasp can be spent padding out stuff, making sure it is all good and in order.

So that is terrifying. I really wish they actually gave us a relatively long time to prepare for our assessments. Making us do them right after Christmas break is no excuse, because I don’t believe we should be forced to use up our time off. But maybe I am just entitled. Ah well.

Still, I will survive. As long as I can keep focused, anyway.

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.

Day 894: The 6th of January

Today. I planned stuff eventually.

Went out for a meal to celebrate my grandmother’s birthday, despite only getting 4 hours of sleep last night. It was nice, I do enjoy going out to eat. Still, the looming cloud of work was lingering over my head at all times.

When we got back I decided to relax for a while. Took until 8 PM for me to do some planning of my second essay, but I think I have some pertinent arguments against my thesis that I will need to disprove. If I can think of ways to disprove them, then tomorrow should be a relatively straightforward day of writing. Fingers crossed, really.

We’re in the final straight though now. Not long.

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.

Day 892: The 4th of January

Well, I finished writing my first essay, such as it is.

It did take a little while, but at least it is out of the way now. I can move on to my second attempt, which I have worked out is probably not going to be as bad to deal with. Mainly because I have already done some reading which I can reuse for it. At least I hope so.

That should save me some time tomorrow, so that I can hopefully get all relevant reading done and maybe even a plan during the day. That might very well allow me to start writing by the weekend and could give me a day to proofread and refine both essays. That would be the most perfect world.

Of course, that very well may be wishful thinking. Still, we can dream.

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.

Day 891: The 3rd of January

Well today, after a long period of build up, I got started on the meat of my writing for my first essay.

This also marks the first time that I can remember when I have scrapped a whole section of an essay for being confusing and making no sense and have instead built up a whole new argument from scratch. This new argument is already looking considerably more compelling and fleshed out, though that could just be my imagination.

Honestly, the sections that I scrapped only amounted to 250 words or so overall, so it was no big loss. It is less about the amount of words and more about the amount of time I wasted on a pointless argument, really. I think I just ended up getting confused and turned around and that led to a series of annoying mistakes. Still, I actually feel pretty good about this essay now, even if I doubt it is going to be top-class. Also I am debating staying up all night finishing this off now, just to get it out of the way. That would leave me with 4 more whole days to work on my second essay.

I guess it doesn’t really matter either way. I believe I can get an essay researched and written up within 3 days, if I focus hard on it. 1 or 2 days of reading up and planning and 1 long day of writing and I would be done. So maybe it would be fine to finish off this essay tomorrow. My only other worry is that I will forget this feeling of confidence by the time I wake up and I will write a worse argument tomorrow. But my plan is fairly airtight in that regard.

At the end of the day, this is an unsolvable problem. I might slowly write up some more until 3 AM, then go to bed like I normally do. That way I can finish off anything left over tomorrow and then spend the following 3 days working hard on my second essay. I currently only have 700 words left in my current essay, with 500 words probably going into my second argument and 200 left over to write a conclusion, so it really isn’t that bad. Maybe I can finish this essay tomorrow and then get started on planning my next essay in the evening. That would give me extra time.

I am flip flopping now though. I have been writing all day so I am a bit worded out at this stage. Just saying whatever I can without having to think about it is so refreshing. Time to finish up for the night though.

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.

Day 890: The 2nd of January

I actually got a reasonable amount of reading and planning done today. Eventually.

I am hoping to be able to write up some arguments tomorrow, maybe get one essay basically done. The good thing about this module is that there is a pretty limited number of things to reference, so the part that takes the longest is significantly shorter than normal. Means I can focus on the actual meat of the writing, hopefully.

I don’t expect to get an amazing mark on this module, in all fairness. I am going to try my hardest to argue well and make a good essay, but I am a little bit nervous in how to execute this. Hopefully I can use all of the tips I have been given over the last semester to push myself forward into a good place. If not, I hope I can at least pass relatively competently.

Still, after I finish this first essay I will have another one to read and plan for, which will give me 4 days to sort it, if I finish this first half tomorrow. If not, I will have probably 3 days, which may or may not be cutting it a little fine. I should still be able to get my reading and stuff done though, I am not that nervous. At the least, I will have something to submit by the date of the deadline.

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.

Day 889: The 1st of January

Today was my final recovery day. Tomorrow I start desperately trying to claw back some semblance of sanity.

Honestly, I need to not be panicking now. That will only slow down my work and make it overall worse than it otherwise would be. Saying that is the only thing that might possibly relax me enough to actually read all the texts I need to read tomorrow and then get around to planning an essay of some sort. Need to think of some arguments to make.

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.