Day 798: The 2nd of October

First day back to uni – check.

That means a grand total of 39 days left for this semester of uni. Magical, truly. But yeah, today was alright. Pretty peaceful, honestly. I just wish I didn’t have this cold. It kinda puts a damper on things, especially when you have spent the past few months feeling absolutely fine. Just gotta make uni that much harder.

I shan’t be up late tonight, as expected, since I do have more uni tomorrow. It is a late lecture, from 4 until 6, but I still want to get up reasonably early. Get the day started right and all.

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.


Day 797: The 1st of October

Spooky Scary October is here.

And with it comes my return to uni. Honestly I feel like I have been gone forever. Goodness knows how I am going to handle the workload this year. Hopefully I remember how to do everything in good time. At least the first three weeks are fairly chill, with no tutorials.

Got to get back into the old routine, doing the commute and all that. That means calculating times and such. Also got to get back into the rhythm of note-taking. I expect many an aching wrist in the coming weeks.

Anyway, I shan’t be up for too much longer. Need to get to bed and set my alarms so I can be off in the morning.

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.

Day 795: The 29th of September

Illness isn’t fun.

Looked after Corwin for a little while today, during which he was mostly asleep, which was fine. Still, starting to feel pretty rough. Think I’ve picked up a bug. Getting chills and a sore throat. My coughing has come back too, which is fun.

Planning on snuggling up in bed soon and warming up. Got lots to watch so that should keep me busy.

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.

Day 791: The 25th of September

I got some stuff done today.

Mostly just some important business for the upcoming weeks. Commitments and whatnot. Means I don’t have much to think about until near the end of the year now. Other than uni obviously.

Been playing some more Morrowind recently, getting down and dirty and making quite the overpowered character. Well, not yet, currently she is just semi-overpowered. My own personal preferences are going to prevent me from making her literally immortal, which can pretty easily be achieved in this game.

Honestly, my experience with Morrowind has left me even more interested in a battle royale amongst my friends within the game. I know so much about how to exploit the game mechanics now that I would probably be basically unstoppable very early on. That could be a fun time.

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.