Day 369: The 30th of July

Well, today was another short but sweet day.

I woke up at around 3:00 PM, obviously I had been tired last night. I got washed and dressed after some quiet hours of surfing the internet and then the family got home.

Ben, Emma and I watched another episode of MLP and then Ben and I were tasked with building a barbeque. This task lasted for about 10 minutes before Emma and my mother decided to take over. Fair enough, it got built and it gave me some more time to listen to music.

After the barbeque was built I was enlisted as head chef for the evening, which I was absolutely fine with. I do smell a lot like smoke now, but sitting before the flames for a few hours is still pretty fun.

All in all, the evening was good. We listened to music, gorged ourselves on meat and just generally had a good time. The evening finished off with messing around with the hot coals and looking at the stars.

Now I am going to head to bed myself. I have spent a few hours this evening playing Dwarf Fortress, but now it is late. I should really be trying to adjust my sleeping pattern.

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.


Day 368: The 29th of July

Well I am home at last. What a day.

I woke up at 10:00 AM and lazed around for most of the morning. It was at midday that my mother informed me that we were meant to leave at 1:00 PM to go to London for this concert. I was expecting late afternoon at the earliest. So we walked up and caught the train down to London, where we met up with father.

We stopped at a Café Rouge to have a bite to eat, which was very pleasant in the Hay’s Galleria. Didn’t even feel like we were in the centre of London. I had half a chicken. After this we caught the train up to where the concert was going to be and we sat in a pub for a few hours waiting for my father’s friend to show up.

He eventually got there and after some chatting we headed down the road to the building. The queue was actually pretty short, though there were a lot of people around. All coming to see Blue Oyster Cult.

We got our seats early enough that we actually had space, though we were still fairly packed in. It was ridiculously hot and from about the first few minutes we were sitting until I got home I needed the bathroom. I am very pleased with my steel bladder.

The show was very good indeed, even if I didn’t know most of the songs. I could still happily enjoy listening to the music and there was some serious talent on display. When it was over we instantly headed out into the masses of people flooding the streets, which really wasn’t necessary. At least we managed to get a train back to somewhere near home.

Ben and Emma were incredibly kind and decided to pick us up and bring us back to safety. I am so tired now, I honestly am just going to get into bed now.

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.

Day 367: The 28th of July

Well today was a calming day. Even if it was a little short.

I woke up at around 1:00 PM today. I obviously needed a rest. I got up, washed all the grime from the city off and then grabbed a drink and came back to my room for some good relaxation.

I played a little bit of Just Cause 3, a game I haven’t played in some time, and it was good to mindlessly run around blowing things up for a change. No need to use my brain at all for that time. Then I played some more of the recently released ‘Starbound’, which I played in its early stages and then gave it up, assuming it would never be finished. What a surprise when after all this time Chucklefish have come out with a well-polished, interesting and fun experience!

By this point it was about time to eat dinner. My mother cooked up a lovely little pasta dish, just like old times and we all sat down together and chatted about yesterday. After that I came back up here and watched the finale of Gravity Falls, which I have been looking forward to. It did not disappoint!

Anyway, I am still a little annoyed that I completely forgot about going to this concert tomorrow. I just hope everyone else has a good time out at the party. I was hoping to maybe get some time to smooth things over with the ex between now and when I head back to university. Ah well, there may still be time over the next couple of months.

So, I’ve only been up for around 10 hours today. That is quite a weird thought. Maybe I will do something fun for a little bit longer before I go to sleep.

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.

Day 366: The 27th of July

Today was, to put it mildly, not the best.

I was awoken at 7:00 AM by my mother, who told me I didn’t have to come out if I didn’t want to, despite me having set 2 alarms just to get up for this event. At least she seemed pretty happy that I was set on coming. We got ready and walked up to town with our neighbour who lives around the corner from us, Stuart. I was pretty groggy and I was also playing Pokémon Go, since we were walking through some quite populated areas.

I should probably mention that we were going up to London in order to look for the ‘dream jars’ that are linked in with the new BFG movie that recently came out. This pretty much involves following a vague map and looking for large artsy jars. Ah well, it was alright.

When we got to the station we met up with our final companion, Kathy, a woman who is good friends with my mother. We bought the tickets and hopped onto the train, at which point the first thing that put a sour taste in my mouth occurred. We were chit-chatting, and by that I mean they were talking and I was listening and my mother mentioned Pokémon, since my whole family is playing it essentially. Pretty much both Kathy and Stuart blew it off as a thing for children, saying it was alright for me because I am only 19. Stuff that! If I ever get to the age where I decide playing games is not what I want to do and I instead want to be a boring prick, I would be revolted with myself.

Anyway, I kind of brushed it off and decided I just wouldn’t mention it again. No point in talking about something that everyone else thinks is childish, right? So we eventually got to London and Kathy instantly takes the lead, telling us that instead of going for the jar that is right next to the station, we will instead take the train to Greenwich to get one of the jars that is quite far away from the others. This is fine, we head off over there and make it to the top of Greenwich hill, where we stop to eat a little something before we continue.

I had a hot chocolate and a slice of cake, as is my wont. I also used this time to charge my phone a little bit with the portable charger I borrowed from Ben. It wasn’t much but it did last me for probably a little while longer. Soon, we were off again.

At this point, everything was alright. I was still feeling pretty awful and I was sort of wishing that I was still in bed, but other than that, it was a slightly overcast day and there was a gentle breeze. It was pleasantly cool.

We took the fast boats up back to London Bridge and then walked along the Thames looking for a couple more jars. We found one and then spent a good half an hour walking around looking for one that had been removed due to it being damaged. Of course, after we didn’t see it in the place it should have been I was sure we weren’t going to find it, but that didn’t stop the ladies from rushing off to ask the staff of every place under the sun where the jar was.

Well, since it was gone we decided to stop off at a small pub/café and have lunch. I had a nice macaroni cheese and pulled pork deal and used up the last of the juice in the portable charger. At this point the sun decided to come out and ruin the entire rest of the day. It was hot, humid and awful for the next few hours.

So we walked back up the Thames along the beach and then along the bank until we reached London Bridge again and then passed the station to find the jars down the other way. All this time the lot of them have been whining about how the jars are not as good as the other things that they have hunted for in London and how they shouldn’t make them out of glass as they are easy to damage (despite the fact that the jars were clearly made out of some strong plastic for exactly that reason).

We found another few jars along the way, but the one on Tower Bridge was missing, so the group just got more fed up. We decided that we would go find the jar in the Shard and then (much to Kathy’s insistence) we would travel to Arsenal to go to the stadium, as a jar was located there.

So we got the jar at the Shard and then the group got separated, with my mother and I getting left behind and then hopping on the train to King’s Cross and Kathy and Stuart waiting at the station for us to catch up. The battery on my phone was completely dead by this point, so I was having to actually do things.

Eventually the others caught up and we debated whether or not to get the jar that was at King’s Cross. Kathy decided that we were too far gone and that we should go to Arsenal first and get the King’s Cross jar on the way back. So we went.

We found the jar at the stadium after a little more walking and then caught the train back to King’s Cross, where the group stood, puzzled, wondering which way to go to get to the jar. In the end I took my mother’s phone, opened Google Maps and just started walking the 5 feet to get to our destination.

At this point I should note my hatred for this group’s habit to either stop dead when walking down the pavement or slow down and turn around to talk while they are walking along. Why the fuck anyone has to look at each other while they are talking I don’t know. It can’t be that hard to look where you are going and talk at the same time. The lack of spatial awareness not only boggles my mind, it pisses off everyone around.

Anyway, we found the last jar we were looking for and caught the train back to East Croydon and then back to home. At this point, Stuart, my mother and I got a lift from my father back to the house and Kathy walked the short distance back to her house. Along the way I was asked if I wanted dinner and because I didn’t answer fast enough no one got any.

Now I am hungry, tired and depressed, because it turns out that this Friday I shall be going to see a concert in London instead of going to my friend’s party like I had planned. This is not a joyous occasion as I don’t even listen to music and I am probably going to be bored out of my mind all evening. So that knowledge just royally fucked my evening even further.

Now I don’t even want to see anyone else, let alone speak to anyone else. I feel like today has been like watching a train wreck in slow motion. And these people want to do the same thing next week. I’m not sure I could cope with that.

I don’t even want to go to bed right now but there is really nothing to do. I guess I should just cut my losses.

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.

Day 365: The 26th of July 2016

Who knew that 1 year ago I would start writing a blog and make it all the way up to the year mark? I know I didn’t.

Reading back over my first post, a lot has changed. I, for one thing, seemed to care less about how interesting my day was when I was writing about it. I guess that comes from knowing that people actually read this scrawl occasionally. Maybe it is time to go back to a more traditional diary style though.

So today, I woke up at around 12:30 PM, went downstairs and said hello to my mother and my sister, who had both been up for hours at this point. My sister’s due date for her pregnancy is tomorrow, so we are all kind of waiting for the special day to arrive. I got washed and dressed and chatted with my friend Jake for a little while, before he told me he was going to bring his new puppy over and go walking for Pokémon.

I got a nice lunch of fried potatoes and beef from my mother and then Jake and the new dog arrived. It was a pretty sweet little thing, considering I normally don’t like dogs too much. Their fur is often too coarse and not suited for stroking for my liking. Also they tend to bark a lot.

In contrast, this dog had lovely soft fur and didn’t make any noise the entire time it was over. It didn’t even make any mess. Jake and I left it in the care of my mother and my sister and went for a short walk for Pokémon, before we came back, drove to town in Ben’s car and dropped Jake off home. We then made our way to the supermarket for the normal Tuesday shop.

Ben and I have taken to going looking for Pokémon while the others shop recently. This is nice, even if it means I miss out on seeing the sandwich spread down one of the isles. I instead managed to collect some Poké balls to refill my dwindling supply.

We came home and sat down to watch a couple more episodes of MLP. Ben is finally getting near to the end of season 4 at this point. Exciting times ahead! At this point, dinner was ready and we had a nice curry. Then I came back upstairs and played Civilisation V with Jake until around 12:30 AM, before I went off to write this post.

So yeah, that was my whole day. Y’know, I feel a lot more fulfilled having written this post. It is a lot more wholesome. I shall hopefully continue in this fashion.

Anyway, I should get to bed. I am getting up at 7:00 AM tomorrow to go up to London and I would rather not be completely sleep-deprived. Goodnight everyone!

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.

Day 364: The 25th of July

Today was much better.

I woke up late, got washed and dressed and actually feel good. Strange what just getting up does to you. Made me feel much more accomplished.

I also caught a Blastoise down my road, which was a highlight of the day. It appeared just as I began to eat dinner and I still made it in time.

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.

Day 363: The 24th of July

Today was a weird day.

I felt a bit like I’d let my parents down today, when I decided not to go out. I chatted with a few different friends and generally had a bit of a laugh, but all in all it was a pretty strange experience.

They got home and my brother came over for a bit. Then they all went and did their own things and went to bed. I’m just glad I made myself lunch. I think the thing that felt most weird to me was not having dinner. My routine has always been so set in stone that I have started second-guessing myself, asking if I actually did eat and I just don’t remember. I’m pretty sure I didn’t though.

It’s too hot.

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.

Day 361: The 22nd of July

I went out with the gang for a long walk this evening.

We were mainly looking for Pokémon, but it eventually turned into just walking around for the fun of it, once our batteries began to die. My legs are aching now.

Tonight was interesting. It was the second night that I actually kind of interacted with my ex. It seems like things are fine now. Still, I need to get in touch, get myself some closure on that whole scenario anyway.

I’ll have to have a think tomorrow, while I am letting my legs recover.

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.

Day 360: The 21st of July

I went out tonight.

Partly to catch Pokémon, partly to meet up for a drink. Sadly, my phone died before I got halfway home, causing me to lose lots of sweet kilometres on my way back.

I also jogged part of the way home. That was fun. Then I got back and drank two pints of water, I have my third sitting next to me now.

Anyway, I’m going to mess around for a bit before I sleep now. Yahoo!

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.