Day 431: The 30th of September

Today was a nice day… for the most part.

It was my mother’s birthday and the morning started out pretty good. Somehow I was awake at 9:30 AM and thus got to see my nephew, who my mother was looking after while my sister took her cat to the vet. Corwin came to see me while I was lying in bed, but it wasn’t long before he was longing for the joys of food once more.

Soon after everyone got back from the vet trips, the family went out to London, to show Corwin the sights and to show some people Corwin. I, on the other hand, stayed home and played Overwatch. I was feeling pretty exhausted, I barely wanted to get out of bed this morning.

Anyway, this evening we were going out to eat to celebrate my mother’s birthday. We were meant to be there at 6 PM but ended up being around half an hour late due to problems on the trains. Luckily the staff were very understanding and we still had a nice meal.

Corwin was being a bit fussy for the evening, but other than that people seemed to have fun. As for me, I indulged in my usual family meal duties of listening quietly to everyone else’s conversations. It is awfully hard to add anything to a conversation when you haven’t lived at all.

After the meal was all said and done, we all came back home. I locked myself away in my room, since my mother seemed a bit peeved by the end of the evening, and I proceeded to lie in bed with Grey cat and doze for an hour or so. That was a relaxing time. I got out of my warm bed because I knew I still had to write this post, though I shall probably return to it momentarily.

So yes. The month of September has come to a close and the last 3 months of the year have now begun. It shall grow cold, crisp and hopefully quite nice now, as the leaves begin to turn and we enter the waning months of this year’s lifespan. I feel like I shall miss the sunny weather and blue skies, and the green leaves on the trees. Still, I do enjoy Autumn. Just not Halloween, really.

I’m going to get back into bed now. Why not, eh?

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.


Day 430: The 29th of September

Well. Today was… neither good nor bad.

That is about how I would describe it, yes. I woke up late and wasn’t in the best mood all day, yet I ate delicious food and a bunch of my favourite YouTubers released new videos for me to watch this morning. Despite that there is an undertone of sadness and anger that no doubt comes from the knowledge of my ever-closer commuting nightmares.

I have mentioned before, but I shall say again. It is rather interesting, but enjoyable, when you are in the sort of mood where being irritated makes you a little bit happier. It is nice to have something to be annoyed about and thus something to complain about.

It was also nice to be able to just sit and listen to Alex. I’ve spent so long trying to find solutions to things in his life when I should just leave well enough alone and it is such a relief to be able to just talk as a friend, rather than a terrible counsellor. He was telling me all about his co-worker he went for drinks with, as well as his friends-with-benefits relationship he has started. Magical times.

This evening I played quite a bit of ranked Overwatch. I am pretty bad, but at least I don’t mind filling in the position of healer, since apparently no one else in the team is ever willing to switch heroes to allow us to win. I must admit, some of the people I played with were quite frustrating.

I don’t actually feel that bad about going back to university. I feel like I can probably handle it. I think I will miss being able to spend time with my nephew though, since I will be away for the majority of the day on most weekdays. As long as I keep ahead on my workload, I shouldn’t have too much of a problem with tutorials this year, which is all part of the plan. That means doing the tutorial work on the day of the lecture I have on the subject of the tutorial. Not only will I get the work done faster, but I will understand it significantly better.

Maybe I should also develop my revision tools early. Write up the key information I need in a revision guide after each lecture. That would be a useful tool I feel, especially since I probably won’t know nearly as much of the law already from my A-level studies.

I should go to sleep now. It is my mother’s birthday tomorrow and I would like to be relatively cheerful for that.

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.

Day 429: The 28th of September

Today was fun, even if I was pretty tired.

I managed to prise myself from my pillow relatively early for me and I spent the day with my sister and nephew. We headed up to town to have lunch at Wetherspoon’s and then we went shopping for some food and medicine before coming back home.

Corwin was well behaved for the majority of the day, staying relatively quiet and happy while we were out. It was only when we got back that he started making a bit of a fuss. I think he probably got bored of seeing my face all day. Of course, in reality it isn’t possible to get bored of me, so that can’t have been it.

Emma cooked up some delicious food for us all, and Michael and Jenny came over for a little while to see Corwin. After they departed we all ate together and then Emma and Ben went back home.

It’s almost the end of peace.

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.

Day 428: The 27th of September

It was nice to speak to Jake again this evening.

He hasn’t had internet for a week since he moved into his new university accommodation. That means only internet gaming with Tim, and he is now at university too with his new friends. I guess it is for the best though, I will start sleeping earlier because of a lack of stuff to do now.

It was a peaceful evening though, I got to spend some time with my mother, which is always nice. We ended up becoming pretty close friends when it was just us and my siblings were all at university. It seems like we spent years being the only ones in the house, since my father works away from home a lot.

Her birthday is coming up at the end of this month.

Anyway, I am going to try to sleep earlier tonight. It is already 1 AM.

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.

Day 427: The 26th of September

Today happened.

But it wasn’t much that happened. I mean, I mainly did what I usually do and everyone was out for the majority of the day. It just wasn’t a terribly interesting day.

I guess I did talk to some of my friends who I haven’t spoken to in a while. That was alright. But other than that it was just a matter of sleeping and eating.

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.

Day 426: The 25th of September

Yawn. I enjoyed having today as a slow day.

I woke up late, played some Ace Attorney and watched some YouTube. The highlight of the day was the delicious feast we enjoyed in the evening. My mother had made pulled pork over the whole day, along with cauliflower cheese and roast potatoes. The cauliflower was lovely and soft, just as I like it.

So I ate a large potion of that. And it was good. Life was good.

Man, I can’t believe it is already the end of September. It has gone so quickly and now I am practically on the brink of university. I think I will spend two days at least this week going over the material from last year and trying to get back up to speed. I think Tuesday and Wednesday are good candidates for that.

Anyway, I should really go to sleep. I’m just going to reach level 21 on Overwatch and then call it a night. I have been actually getting tired for a change.

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.

Day 425: The 24th of September

Today was a day to spend at my grandmother’s house.

After I eventually crawled out of bed and got washed and dressed we headed out to see my grandmother. It was a peaceful journey, with my father and I sitting in the front of the car and my mother in the back for a change. We chatted a bit about the various goings-on in my life recently.

Once we arrived we talked for a bit before I was asked to help with a bonfire to clear out some of the plant life that had been growing up around the house recently. I now smell very much of smoke, from throwing sticks on the fire and the like.

After a few hours of this we wrapped up and came home. My brother and his fiancée, who had been at my grandmother’s house with us, came back to ours to have some Chinese food.

We ate and were merry for a while, until it was pretty late. At about 11 PM my brother and his fiancée left and I came back here. It has been a little while since then now, I watched some of the shows that released their new episodes today and have just been chilling out.

I should probably sleep for a while now. It is late.

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.

Day 424: The 23rd of September

I thought today was Saturday for quite some time.

I am very glad it was not Saturday though, since that would have meant my holiday was ending faster than I anticipated. Luckily enough it was just another end of the week.

The day started with me being woken up to Corwin, watching me sleep. That was something, although I wasn’t hugely awake at the time. My mother and sister were going up to town with the little one and they asked if I wanted to meet up with them later. I didn’t say either way.

After a few hours of drinking hot chocolate and having a bath, I asked if they were still in town and they were about to come home. So I wrote that off as a bad job and instead played some more Ace Attorney. I am loving this game so far.

A few hours went by, with Corwin and I chatting back and forth with oohs and ahs, before he went off to sleep for the rest of the evening and I played some more Ace Attorney. Dinner rolled around: a nice stew, and we all indulged.

A little while later, Corwin was taken home and I came back up here. It is cold in my room at the moment. Not that I am complaining, the cold is lovely when you are cosy in bed.

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.

Day 423: The 22nd of September

Intriguing. Today was intriguing.

I woke up. I got out of bed and hopped onto the computer. I chatted to Tim for a while.

Eventually, Tim asked if he could come round, since he hadn’t seen me in a long time. I acquiesced, at long last, and then spent the next hour preparing for his arrival by showering and then hoovering my room.

So when he eventually arrived we chatted for a while, played some Scrabble and then some Fifa. Throughout all this time he had an air of awkwardness about him, of the sort I expected myself to have. After a while it sort of faded into the background, but it was still rather strange. You think that people like Tim would be good in social situations of that sort. Maybe it is just because it was me.

So we played some other games and then Tim got a lift home. I ate dinner and then came up here again. And now here I sit.

I must admit, I am starting to sink into that sadness that can only come from knowing you will soon have to go back to university. Back to the 4 hours on the train every day. It is not a particularly thrilling thought. Quite the opposite in fact.

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.

Day 422: The 21st of September

I am so tired. Not in the sleepy sense though.

So I walked around 5 miles this evening, during an incredibly awkward outing with some friends. I shall tell you all about it momentarily, once I get myself together. You see, my legs and feet are killing me right about now and my bed is looking mighty tempting.

So, I was invited to Wetherspoon’s at 8 o’clock this evening by Alex and Simon. I decided to go for it, forsaking dinner for an evening with those two and a third person, a girl called Emmy. Now, I am sure Emmy is very nice, but she was also incredibly awkward and made me feel the same way. I think it was mainly a combination of never making eye contact and just not really speaking to Alex or myself.

So we each had one drink and Alex and I had some food, then we walked round to McDonalds for Simon and Alex to get some more food. After this we walked down to the local park, where we sat for a while, before deciding to walk to each of our houses and drop each person off.

After walking for a long time to get to Emmy’s house, she decided that she wanted to stay out longer and so we walked all the way back through town to head to Alex’s house, since he has to be up early tomorrow. All this time Emmy has only been speaking to Simon. Alex mentioned to me that he heard Emmy was interested in Simon and this seems accurate.

So we get near to Simon’s house and he leaves, saying he will meet us outside of Alex’s house in 5 minutes. That is all well and good, but Emmy apparently acts really uncomfortable around us at all times and makes it very difficult to have a conversation.

Alex instantly went inside when we reached his house too, which didn’t help. Luckily Simon didn’t take long to return, but then we sat on that street corner until I eventually asked if we could walk back. Even then it was mainly Simon and I talking, with brief periods of silence between our words.

So eventually Emmy got a lift home and I walked and jogged back home. And now here I sit, tired and feeling slightly uncomfortable.


Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.